PODCAST: Cahaba 100 and Trussville’s 75th Anniversary

Y’all know you need a midday podcast about Trussville history today!

Gary Lloyd and Amy Peterson O’Brien chatted today to talk about future Cahaba Homestead Heritage Foundation initiatives and the history of Trussville. If you didn’t know, Trussville incorporated as a town on June 10, 1947, marking today as the 75th anniversary. There were 1,443 residents when Trussville incorporated. Can you believe that? There are more than 26,000 folks who call Trussville home today.

Signs along North Chalkville Road and West Mall (photo by Gary Lloyd)

In this 50-minute podcast, Lloyd and O’Brien talk about Trussville’s incorporation, how the Cahaba Project fits into that story, Cahaba 100 plans and more!

Listen to the podcast below on Apple or Spotify.



Published by Cahaba Heritage Homestead Foundation

Our mission is to support through education, outreach and civic involvement such things that promote, perpetuate and enhance the value of this community as a historic district designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

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