Trussville, Alabama’s Historic Cahaba Project

A Housing Project of the Resettlement Administration

Welcome to the Cahaba Homestead Heritage Foundation, Inc.!

Our mission is to support through education, outreach and civic involvement such things that promote, perpetuate and enhance the value of this community as a historic district designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

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CHHF, Inc. President appears on Trussville Tribune ‘Unscripted’

The Trussville Tribune “Unscripted” Interview: I was invited as a guest today for an interview on The Trussville Tribune’s live show “Unscripted.” You can watch the link to the video here in full.  Or skip ahead 16 minutes for the interview about the Cahaba Project. Please share. We hope this clears up some questions peopleContinue reading “CHHF, Inc. President appears on Trussville Tribune ‘Unscripted’”

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5 thoughts on “Trussville, Alabama’s Historic Cahaba Project

  1. This is wonderful what you are doing…must have researcher in your genes. I am a genealogist and enjoy helping people finding their families.


    1. We can use you! We want to be, and with the help of all the homeowners and former homeowners, residents and those who just love the community, are well on our way to being the ultimate resource on all things “Cahaba Project”!


  2. Have loved this neighborhood since the first time I saw it over twenty years ago, and now, since 2015, have enjoyed the privilege of calling it home. The quaint cottage style homes coupled with its historical origins makes it a pretty special place to live.


  3. I grew up on Brentwood. My parents still live there! I’ve been very upset at the way the history of the Cahaba Project has not been respected by many new buyers or developers. I am happy to see that people are trying to now do something about it. Let me know how I can support your efforts!


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