Cahaba 100

“Cahaba 100” initiatives include long-term and short-term goals for the Cahaba Project as we approach our centennial years of 2036 through 2038.

Learn more about the Cahaba Project’s creation between 1936 to 1938 here.

Cahaba 100

These are projects that add beauty and value, and tell the story of Trussville’s historic Cahaba Homestead Village.

Stone Gateway Project

The Stone Gateway Project will identify our historic community with entrances reading: “Cahaba Homestead Village – U.S. Resettlement Administration – Est. 1936-1938.” Read more about this project and how to donate on our Stone Gateways webpage.

The sandstone entrance designs are based on the original sandstone entrance at the Parkway Drive and Highway 11 intersection. The three proposed locations include:

  • Chalkville Road/Rockridge Avenue/Poplar Street intersection
  • Poplar Street/Parkway Drive intersection
  • Green park along Chalkville Road between Hewitt Street and Magnolia Court

Check out this slideshow of the proposed locations:

Daffodil Row

Daffodil Row is a proposed project to plant daffodils and wildflowers along the Poplar Street sidewalk, from Rockridge Avenue to Parkway Drive.

The proposed Daffodil Row

This proposed project would be dedicated to the children and schools of the Cahaba Project, who have always been an integral part of this thriving historic community.

Heritage Garden

Heritage Garden is a proposed project for a botanical- and history-oriented garden with a walkable entrance within the Cahaba Project.

The proposed Heritage Garden

This proposed project would include a victory garden, plaques, benches and art installations dedicated to historical figures and events to educate the public and honor our history.

This is the presentation that was shown May 1, 2022, introducing these projects.

Watch the May 1, 2022 public meeting introducing these projects below.

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