A Message about Aug. 19 Public Meeting

A statement from Cahaba Homestead Heritage Foundation, Inc. President Amy Peterson O’Brien addressing questions and concerns regarding the Aug. 19 meeting and CHHF’s intentions:

We have been public about all of our efforts and research. That includes research on our own unique Cahaba Project History and on specific aspects of historic preservation and development. We have publicly discussed ideas for the future of this neighborhood and how to further our mission of promoting, perpetuating and enhancing the value of this historic district. We have publicly discussed benefits for cities and homeowners of protecting and promoting historic districts.

Information for the Aug. 19 Trussville City Council workshop

We have held public meetings to share and discuss these items. Because we know not everyone can attend all meetings, we have posted video recordings of those meetings and guest speakers. We also regularly post information on historic preservation across the United States.

But first and foremost, we are encouraging local community input about shaping the future of this unique historic neighborhood. That is where we are. Please attend the Aug. 19 meeting if you are able.

Published by Cahaba Heritage Homestead Foundation

Our mission is to support through education, outreach and civic involvement such things that promote, perpetuate and enhance the value of this community as a historic district designated on the National Register of Historic Places.

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